The project is an SEO rank tracker. We help people in the SEO space measure their SEO performance.

It offers real-time updates for SEO rank tracking data. You will be working with large amounts of data, and trying to optimize the amount of data the user can receive from us. By this, I mean everything in terms of loading speed of the frontend and backend, algorithms to optimize loading, and figuring out how to present data to the user.

We require a FULL STACK developer in the Vue.js and Laravel.

The ideal candidate should have an interest in optimizing performance, and working with large data sets. Our motto is, "keep it simple, then get fancy later if needed". This means we like to move fast, and fluid, and not get stuck on the tiny details until later on. The ideal candidate would be interested in SEO and a perfectionist when it comes to details and understands the importance of documentation.

Backend API
  • PHP 7.3
  • Nginx + PHP-FPM
  • Laravel 5.8 + Fractal
  • PHPUnit (tests)
  • Docker + Docker Registry

  • Webpack 4.3 + Babel 7
  • Vue.js 2.5
  • Cypress (tests)
  • Docker + Docker Registry

  • MariaDB 10.4

  • Jenkins + GitHub

Other Tools
  • JIRA
  • Sentry
  • Grafana / Kibana / FluentD (logging)

We are looking for someone to join the team for 2-3 months to help catch up on our backlog and complete our remaining tasks, with an option for a long term position depending on performance.

This is a 100% remote job.


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