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Laravel Developer at Pleio Remote Accepting remote applicants
Pleio is a 10 year old company that is truly virtual. With over 100 employees located all over the US and Canada, Pleio prides itself in offering a great quality of life with exciting growth perspectives. Pleio is leader in medication adherence and it uses a proprietary system to run a call center and process large amounts of data daily.

We are looking for a responsible technology resource who thrives on facing challenges head-on. If you like to learn every day, create solutions for difficult problems and maintain a high level of quality in your work, then we want to hear from you.

The current stack is Laravel on LAMP with a dash of Vue.js, .Net and Python. We are working on the 2.0 version of our system. We are looking for a capable person who is not afraid to learn, contribute and do everything in their power to produce quality work.

Our group is friendly, we meet every morning via Skype, we talk about current challenges and we support a thriving business to the best of our abilities.

Education, experience and abilities are of course important but intelligence, language skills and compatibility will be determining factors to be a part of our group.
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