is a movement to create the most socially active generation in history. We're looking for a seasoned engineer who enjoys architecting and has experience across the application stack. This position reports to the Director of Engineering. WHAT YOU'LL DO:
1) Work with the team to reduce the complexity of our overall system. 2) Advise and move our organization forward in utilizing best practices. 3) Help define standards for service contracts, monitoring, performance, testing, and security. 4) Periodically perform internal audits. 5) Lead and mentor other developers. MUST-HAVES: A background in PHP. Direct experience with Laravel preferred; 5+ years in developing software with experience and knowledge of DevOps methodologies/philosophies; 5+ years working on teams of developers, with mentoring experience; and some other stuff too...Click APPLY to learn more! DoSomething is an equal opportunity employer. Obviously.

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