Source: PHP User Group Stuttgart

3. Meetup PHPUG Stuttgart 2019

18:30 Doors Open
19:00 Welcome and Introduction
19:15 Florian Engelhardt ( Asynchronous php
20:00 Break
20:15 Frank Berger Tuning the NGINX - or how to make your website faster
21:00 Open End

Florian Engelhardt ( Asynchrones PHP

Dein Script wartet ständig. Auf die Datenbank, auf den E-Mail-Server, auf den HTTP-Server irgendeines Dienstes, auf eine Datei von der Platte, sogar auf den Arbeitsspeicher. Und mit ihm warten die Kunden.
Ich will zeigen, wie mit asynchroner Architektur, RabbitMQ und ReactPHP die Wartezeit deutlich verkürzt wird und dass manchmal gar nicht gewartet werden muss.

Asynchronous php

Your script is constantly waiting. For the database, the e-mail server, the HTTP server of any service, a file from the disk or even for the RAM. And with it the customers wait.
I want to show how with asynchronous architecture, RabbitMQ and ReactPHP the waiting time is significantly shortened and that sometimes you do not have to wait.

Tuning the NGINX - or how to make your website faster

This talk is about demonstrating ways on how to utilise NGINX in combination with TYPO3, showing good practice, using different backends, proxy features, caching and failover options and possibilities to isolate parts of the webpage for cached OR uncached delivery, with live metrics. This will be a NGINX centric talk, but most of it can be applied to Apache as well


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