A special PHP Dublin event, we're going to try our first remote meetup!

We're holding a Q&A panel on working remotely. Working remotely is now the status quo with the onset of coronavirus pandemic, but how does it work, what problems can people face and how can we overcome? That's why we're holding a Q&A session on this very topic!

Working remotely requires a change in how we work and how we communicate, so our goal is to discuss these changes and also offer advice to those struggling with the shift. We'll discuss the pros and cons of working remotely and how to make the most out of it.

We'll have four attendees to the panel, each with a different perspective on working remotely:
- Joao Paulo V Martins: Technical Lead (acting as facilitator)
- Bruno Ricardo Siqueira: Software Development Manager (managing remotely)
- Barry O Sullivan: Contractor/Consultant, 5+ years working remotely (working as part of a remote team)
- TBD (mystery guest . . .)

This meetup will be broadcast via Zoom and a live Youtube stream. Youtube link will be updated before the event.

We'll also take questions from the audience, so if you're having any issues with working remotely, feel free to ask and we'll address it in the meetup.

To support this event and get some initial insights from the audience we kindly ask everyone interested to answer the survey below. It is totally anonymous and there are just 6 quick questions to answer!


See you all on 8th of April!


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