Source: Laravel and Lager Brighton

Building your techie dreams... with Laravel

Whether you're building an app for your own entertainment, want to be the next Bill Gates, or think you should have Taylor Otwell (founder of Laravel) on speed dial, it's not easy to motivate yourself to finish what you start.

We'll talk about our own efforts in going it alone (with or without Laravel), and the different approaches we've taken to "get it done"... and I'm not talking about Brexit! All levels welcome from super-pro "My house now has a facade pattern instead of a front door" to just interested code-for-fun amateurs.

See you there ( hopefully :0 )

Location: Usual table. Head in, left around the bar, turn left, and we'll be somewhere on the right.

p.s. All topics open for discussion, this is just a guide to get us started.


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