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Clean Code

A lot of people start a new year with new year resolutions, maybe is writing clean code one of them. To support that we start with a presentation about clean code.

The lecture:
Programmers often complain when reading someone else's code. If often seems that `other code` is very badly structured and readable in the eyes of the new maintainer.

But software development is a professional trade since decades and many books have been published about code quality and maintainability.
During the decades many insights have been gained how to create readable and maintainable code.

This talk is a summary of many code quality books and provides a set of ground rules which I apply during my code reviews. Learn on method level how to avoid common pitfalls and how to make other maintainer like you (or dislike you less).

About Aron Beurskens:
Aron Beurskens started his professional PHP development career in 1999 and founded NetAnts in 2011. As lead developer he coached several development teams in delivering quality code with test driven development. His experience of code quality comes from working for international companies, working with many great developers and attending many conferences. His opinion on code quality is code that is extendable, isolated and maintainable and for most having all developers working on the same standard

About the location:
The meetup is held at Blue Dragon ( in the southwest of Eindhoven. Blue Dragon provides us food (pizza) and drinks. Everybody is encouraged to attend about an hour prior to the lecture, so we can have a chat while enjoying our food.

The building Blue Dragon is located in, is near Veldhoven and the N2/A2 highways in the southwest of Eindhoven. Loads of free parking spaces are available around the building. Busstops are around the corner.

About the meetup:
• attending the meetup is free (as in free beer);
• free food (pizza) and free drinks are provided!;
• food is available between 18:00 and 19:00;
• prize raffle every meetup;
• the lecture will start at 19:00;
• spoken language is English unless not necessary;
• the presentation is in English;
• suitable for novice to expert level;
• held at Blue Dragon in the southwest of Eindhoven;
• free parking spaces are right around the building.


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