Hello Devs,

We are partnering again with Tech Alley for our next in-person meetup happening in Downtown Las Vegas.

If you weren't able to see us at the first Tech Alley, be sure to come down Saturday June 19th at 2pm for the PHP Vegas monthly meetup.

In this meetup, we will be having an open discussion on the features of Laravel and Symfony which are the two biggest frameworks in the world of PHP. We will be discussing pros and cons of each framework and going through setup examples, documentation, and just covering the 101 classes of these two amazing frameworks.

We will be raffling off two prizes after the meetup! We will be giving away a free 1 year JetBrains license for PHPStorm and a 1 month subscription to SymfonyCasts. Must be present to win!

All CDC and health guidelines must be followed or it could result in a permanent ban from the group.


Please note that the Venue is subject to change, check back here or on Tech Alley for more detailed info as our meetup day comes closer.

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