Hello PHP & JavaScript. This month we're contining our Zoom-based virtual meetups this week on Thursday @ 7PM (Sep 17).

This month Jason McCreary (@gonedark) is going to share how to jumpstart a Laravel application with Blueprint, an open source toolkit to rapidly build out a web app from a single YAML file. It's an amazing tool that leverages and extends the framework generates to fill in the basic bits for your architecture -- it even makes TESTS!

If you don't already know JMac, he's a developer with over 20 years of experience coding and sharing his expertise. His BaseCode Field Guide (https://basecodefieldguide.com) and associated podcast (https://basecodefieldguide.com/podcast/) are excellent resources for developers looking to level up their chops regardless of toolkit. He's also the make of Laravel Shift (https://laravelshift.com/), a tool for automatically updating legacy Laravel apps to the current version of the framework.

This is going to be a fantastic talk and an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the smartest developers around. Hope you can make it.

KYPHPUG & KYJSUG Crossover Meetup
Thursday Sep 17 at 7 PM
Virtually on Zoom
Meeting ID:[masked]

www.kyphpug.org • kyphpug.tumblr.com

www.kyjsug.org • kyjsug.tumblr.com

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