This month we have two amazing talks!

The first talk is from Paras Sood (@ParasSood29), a Magento Evangelist and Developer at Magento University. His talk on "Clean Code in PHP" takes inspiration from the book Clean Code by Robert Martin. Paras will present simple examples of cleaner PHP Code, showing some best practices for writing clean code, alongside examples of "bad" code. As part of this he will touch on problems to look out for when writing code for high traffic apps and a selection patterns that can help.

The second talk is from David McKay (@rawcode), a Developer Relations Manager at InfluxData. His talk is about Time-Series, the fastest growing database category, rated by DBEngines, for over 2 years; yet, less than 15% of organisations store their time-series data in a time-series database. Do you? In this talk we will look at the different types of time-series data and how to use that to drive observations, understanding, and automation. Most data is best understood in the dimension of time, lets see why.

Free Jetbrains Subscription Raffle:

There will also be a raffle for a free Jetbrains Subscription (courtesy of Jetbrains) at the end of the meetup. Everyone that attends is eligible, so just turn up and you're in with a shot at this awesome prize!

What if I'm hungry and thirsty?

We've got you sorted! Thanks to our sponsors SmartBox, we'll have drinks and pizza for you on the night.
What if I want to talk?

Easy, simple drop us a message via the meetup page. We're always open to new speakers and look forward to hearing from you.

Doors open 6:45pm!

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