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PHP Oxford meetup

This month we are excited to be joined by two speakers!!

First up is James (@SecondeJ) with: Turbocharged Development with Docker, PHPStorm and Xdebug.

"My name is James, and I have a confession to make: I’ve been a var_dump()er my whole life. I tried Xdebug once years back, but a chance brush with social media from it’s author prompted the question: is Xdebug still relevant? Is it hard to set up?

In a modern developer world of Docker containers and advanced IDE’s, it was time to revisit how we go about writing Software at Jump24 - in this talk I’ll set up Xdebug on a test project and show you how you can turbocharge your development like we did."

About James:
Speaker, Writer, Software Engineer, Developer Relations Strategist, Podcast host. Pushing Developer Relations forward as an Advocate for Laravel Partner Jump24 in Birmingham, UK.

Host & co-organiser of Fusion Meetup, Birmingham, UK. Founder of brumPHP, Birmingham's current PHP Usergroup.

After that, we have Irene (@WinnieIre) with: How Are We Teaching Machines to Learn?

"AI is said to be everywhere. So why do experts seem to be focusing on ML rather than AI? In this talk we’ll understand why AI isn’t really the same as ML, investigate different types of Machine Learning and take a look at some applications of this exciting field.

Irene is a Computer Science student at the University of York. In her experience, she is exploring different areas of technology, from Web Development at Legend, Software Engineering at NatWest and AI and Computer Vision Research at the University of York."

Interesting in speaking?

If you'd like to present or even do a lightning talk (5-20 minutes) at a future event, please get in touch!

Refreshments & sponsors

In the olden days, we'd have a physical meet-up and Refreshments (drinks and snacks) would be provided courtesy of our sponsors Haybrook IT ( Despite not being able to take advantage of their generosity, we continue to thank Haybrook and our other sponsors Invitial ( for their support, and to OCFI for use of the venue.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this meet-up is covered by our code of conduct ( We request that all attendees abide by the code of conduct at all times. Thank you!

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