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New channel: #containers for your Docker, rkt and other VM needs

1 week ago

Early Bird Pricing is ending for WavePHP on Friday, I would love to meet many of you there! Come join us:

2 weeks ago

Should we enable mandatory 2FA? Thumbs up for yes, Thumbs down for no, Discussion on this thread: If it is an overwhelming yes then Iโ€™ll enable. Only if itโ€™s overwhelming though.

4 weeks ago

For those going to Laracon 2018 in Chicago we have a #laracon channel here, and we also have a telegram group if you are so inclined:

4 weeks ago

New Channel announcement!! #horizon

4 months ago

We re-opened #ide at request of some awesome users. Check it out!!

5 months ago

VancouverPHP is doing a live Q&A with Taylor at 6:15 PST

6 months ago

9 months ago

We've just created #homestead-dev for discussing Laravel Homestead ๐Ÿ™‚

10 months ago

10 months ago

Laracon EU starts today for workshops, tomorrow for the main event. A whole bunch of us are in town, let us know if you're here so we can meet up!

11 months ago

We have finally launched our website reboot! Please RT to help us share the news, and join our Github giveaway:

1 year ago

Welcome to our new site!

1 year ago