The Team

Laravel & PHP has an amazing community full of passionate people who care about code & community. With LaraChat we have been able to connect people across the Laravel world, & found the opportunity to find mentorship, business connections & most important, friendships.

Shawn Mayzes

Shawn is the one to blame for LaraChat.

Shawn has been involved in web application development since the early 2000's. Shawn love's being involved in the startup world in Vancouver, BC, as he has been a part of a few different startups, successful and unsuccessful and feels he has a lot of knowledge on those topics to share (Ask him).

Shawn got started with Laravel when working at a startup and found it could quickly translate to success for his team, while maintaining excellent code standards and quality across the team. Prior to working on Laravel he had worked with the Yii framework and a personal framework, built with a friend called WHIP (Working Happily in PHP).

When not programming, he is spending time or avidly playing ice hockey in his hometown. In the past Shawn had played hockey across Canada and in Sweden, winning a gold medal with the Canadian National mens deaf hockey program. Shawn was also in a national beer commercial for Molsons Canadian, where 10 hockey fanatics were flown into the Rocky Mountains to play a game of shinny on top of a moiuntain.

Eric van Johnson

Eric Van Johnson is an Open Source Enthusiast, Advocate, and general FOSS Maniac who enjoys web architecture, technology, and solutions. A hacker and developer who fell down the slippery slope of a "Systems Architect" job before becoming a full time developer. Over 25 years of professional experience in the IT industry and inappropriately using the PHP Language.

A husband and father x2 with an abiding love of Scotch and Baseball.

Matt Lantz

Matt Lantz has been developing software for several years. He is always on the lookout for new ways to fix the world. He's been developing in PHP, MySQL, and pretending to understand JavaScript, for as long as he can remember. Lately he’s been tinkering with Python and NodeJs. He stumbled onto Laravel after proclaiming his love for CodeIgniter…. (who knows when that was) and he was lucky enough to get some early commits into Laravel 4 and then started rebuilding everything he had ever done. He created Laracogs for jumpstarting his new projects and rewrote Quarx as a Laravel CMS package. He’s been lucky enough to work with amazing developers in wonderful communities. Matt’s fascinated with fitness/nutrition and neurosciences in his spare time. He rarely sleeps so he’s always happy to chat about anything. Side note he has a gnarly scar on his skull, as him about it anytime.

Rizqi Djamaluddin

A UX-designer turned into a Laravel fanatic, Rizqi spends his time writing swanky interfaces, the backends that power them, and then refactor the whole thing into TypeScript anyway. Also does laravel support and will die for the sake of his abstractions and design patterns. Has a wall of javascript modals collected over the years, and is _really_ partial about Angular. Hit him up in #questions if you want to ask about architecture or interface design.

Travis Blasingame


Matthew Davis



Dylan De Souza