2020 - My year in review

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I mean there has been the obvious one, which is Corona - but on a personal note, my family and I luckily stayed healthy throughout the year, which I'm very thankful for. I haven't really touched my Macbook for the last couple of days, which is quite unusual for me, as my biggest hobbie is also my job - but the last couple of days were quite relaxing, so I'm a bit late to the "recap blog post" party.

We're happy with the progress that we have made - the application itself is extremely stable and there are almost no support requests coming in. I think that we can still improve the marketing for HELO, but this is something that we want to focus on in 2021.

We acquired Invoker in 2020 and put a lot of time and energy into Invoker 2.0, which we are going to release in January 2021!

Sebastian and I are super excited for the next months, as we have a lot of exciting things that we are going to share with you very soon.

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