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Ever faced difficulties deploying your projects into the Azure app service? Just a few requirements to be fulfilled and a few steps to be followed and you’ve got your beautiful project hosted on Azure.

Create an Azure resource group: Create a mysql server: Let's allow the necessary firewall access for resources to access the Azure database: Let’s connect to your azure database from a local machine: Here there’s a catch, you’ll get a connection error with permission denied along with your ipaddress, no worries, all we have to do is set up another firewall rule: Now let’s try to connect again: Enter your db server password, if it’s successful then awesome, if you get an error related to SSL, worry not, I’ve got your back: Just download this to your project folder:

Run Laravel database migrations with .env.production as the environment file to create the tables in your MySQL database in Azure Database for MySQL.

Now let's create the web app and get this done: Now time to configure the web app : Let’s set the key now: Now just simply deploy it: I assume you would have logged in to the Azure account using your VS code plugin.

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