How To Upload An Image in Laravel 8

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Have the following installed on the system you use: The first step is to create a Laravel form, I have an article on how to use Laravel Collective for forms here but you can either use blade components or HTML syntax it works fine. We open a form tag and the action is where we send the da ta, I suggest using a controller with a resource connected to your database, this article will help you set up easily, click here.

If you use PHPMyAdmin to look at your table, you will notice that the column for image has been added to your database table. In your Controller(hopefully you created a controller resource, if not do that here) locate the store function, if you have a validation function and you want to add validation for your image so go ahead and use this: This tells Laravel to make sure the file is an image, not necessary to upload and cannot exceed 2 megabytes.

In the store function where we created a variable for new table data add this line: In the index function of your controller, connect to your table and with table data return a blade template as a view i.e: My view here is image which means that in the resources > views directory I will create a file called image.blade.php and in there we will loop through the database to output images: I am using bootstrap but feel free to edit the styles how you like.

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