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In this Post, We will describe Laravel find and findOrFail can need to eloquent find a record in the database table for using find as well as findOrFail can eloquent find a funcion in add argument to get a row. eloquent find as well as findOrFail funcion input argument single argument. if you can find a method to get a row but eloquent find a funcion to get only database table to are need row not found as well as then display 404 Page.

To do this, you may use the findOrFail method in Laravel findOrFail funcion with generates as well as Not Found Exceptions if particular record is not found.

Here is a simple example of eloquent find method, but if you use find() then you must check each variable is null or not(Not Found Exceptions) so you have to manually sent or redirect to 404 page like as following: If you will use findOrFail() then you don’t require to check aboject null or not like eloquent find() method.

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