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Elson Tan 1 day ago· 6 min readLaravel Nova was launched back in 2018, a quick admin panel for your Laravel projects, when Taylor an nounced it, it immediately interest me as I have been struggling with building & maintaining different Admin Panels for different Projects(Backpack, Voyager, even custom made ones), which proves to be technical burden in a long run for production.I started using it since middle of 2019 in hopes that it can help standardise the Admin Panel for my projects. Since then, me and my team has been using Laravel Nova for multiple client projects and successfully deployed for production-use in different scale of clients(even big enterprises), one year has passed since and here’s my review on Laravel Nova.

Well thats what Laravel Nova is made for, its to allow you to quickly build an admin panel to control your Laravel application and its data, present quick analytics, and do CRUD operations, thats how it’s used on most of our Projects.

One of the examples we have experienced in production, an admin trigger a change on an Eloquent model, supposedly in frontend logic, when a change to this specific dataset must trigger several other data changes to ensure data is always accurate, but in Laravel Nova, developers may missed out connecting the frontend logics of the post-manipulation actions, causing inconsistencies in data presented at frontend and admin panel.

If you are just targeting to get a simple admin panel setup for your production Laravel projects, Laravel Nova can help you save tons of dev time and allow you to go live quicker; but do keep in mind the caveats mentioned above, I hope that my insights able to help you be ready for any possible (nasty) scenarios that after running in production for a while.

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