License Audit with Qodana

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The code quality monitoring platform for your favorite CI Qodana specializes in build quality management, delivering the static analysis smarts of IntelliJ Platform to project-level checks.

Today, we are happy to announce the EAP for License Audit to detect incompatible third-party licenses on which your code relies, making the compliance verification process easier for your project and company.

Whenever a new library is added to your project, or an existing one unexpectedly changes its license, Qodana License Audit will alert you to this so you don’t miss any important license adjustments. The results of Qodana License Audit checks will be reported as a list of problems with the following information: In addition to the list of problems, Qodana License Audit provides a list of third-party licenses, which you can download and share with your users or legal department, or use as a part of your build chain for further integration.

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