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Running, on any given day I will be checking over the Vapor metrics at least three times a day: The trouble with this is that my browser window looks a lot like this: Add to that, that clicking into each one of these tabs then involves clicking around to locate the thing I want to look at, finding the metrics tab, and clicking to set the relevant time period (3 or 12 hours). Not to mention that the AWS console is built in such a way that each service is discrete, so some of them offer automatic refresh (Lambda metrics) and some of them don't (RDS).

Now dashboards will vary from person to person and you should visualise what it is that you need to be able to see.

The Query Mode should be CloudWatch Metrics, region will default to whatever you configured in your data source (us-west-1 for me) otherwise specify a region, then choose the namespace (service) and metric you wish to visualise.

I'll leave it to you to put the rest of your dashboard together, visualising the metrics that matter most to you.

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