PHP 8.1: before and after

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Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. The release of PHP 8.1 will be here within a few months, and once again there are many features that get me excited!

Thanks for all the years of enum support to those packages, but they are the first I'll ditch when PHP 8.1 arrives and when I change this: To this: This one might seem like a small one, but it has bothered me more than once: only list arrays could be unpacked before PHP 8.1: While arrays with string keys cannot: And so, one of the great features of PHP 8.1 that will make my life easier, is that arrays with string keys can now be unpacked as well!

Previously you'd had to write something like this: In PHP 8.1, you can do…

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