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Refactoring to Laravel 8 Class Model Factories | C.S. Rhymes C.S. Rhymes HomeBooksNigel's Intranet AdventureHow NOT to make a WebsiteHow NOT to use a SmartphoneMy WorkThemesPackagesSitesDemosStoriesSponsorsAboutBlogSponsorRefactoring to Laravel 8 Class Model FactoriesPublished: Jul 20, 2021 by C.S. RhymesLaravel 8 introduced new class based model factories and if you have an existing project you can use the legacy factories package to keep using the old factories. I have tended to keep the factories as they were and continue development, but after working on a fresh Laravel 8 project and using the new class based syntax I decided to go back and update the factories in the older Laravel apps. This article explains how I went about refactoring the factories to classes.In this scenario we have a Laravel app that allows you to create a post. The post has a title, content, author and is either published or not published.Original FactoryHere is the PostFactory in the previous format.

It has a state called published where the publish value is set to true.// database/factories/PostFactory.php

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