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Have you ever wanted to leverage the power of serverless computing but always felt stuck by AWS Lambda not providing native support for PHP? I started messing around with AWS Lambda at my current job for a NodeJS project, and I wondered why, such a popular scripting language like PHP, which seems to be made exactly for the job of a Lambda function, is not supported natively.

Bref creates PHP bindings for AWS Lambda and abstracts away the complexity of Lambda layers, while also leveraging the Serverless framework, for pre-packaging the application and uploading it to your AWS account. If you are wondering how is that going to integrate with a framework like Laravel, the guys at Bref have thought about that and provided a handy guide.

We are downloading the PHP SDK for AWS to be able to put stuff on the SQS queue, Bref for our Lambda Serverless PHP bindings, and Bref Laravel Bridge to have a worker run on Lambda.

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