As a Scriptcase user, you must be well aware of the barriers that torments your daily life. One day, in 2012, our team of Masters in Scriptcase was involved in the production of a software that would control the delivery of exam results in a clinic.

It also consists of storing all assets saved at the level of Scriptcase, project, user and public.

devel/conf/scriptcase/snippets: Scriptcase snippet profiles.devel/conf/scriptcase/tpl: Scriptcase HTML templates.tpl/header: Scriptcase HTML header templates.tpl/footer: Scriptcase HTML footer templates.tpl/free: Scriptcase free format HTML templates.tpl/helpcase: HTML templates of Scriptcase Helpcase headers.devel/conf/scriptcase/securitymodule: Scriptcase security module profiles.

USER]devel/conf/usr//api: User API profiles.devel/conf/usr//chart: Theme profiles for user graphics.devel/conf/usr//googlefonts: Google Fonts for the user.devel/conf/usr//hotkeys: User hotkey profiles.devel/conf/usr//img: User images.img/bg: User background images.img/btn: CSS for user buttons.img/ico: User icons.img/img: General images of the user.devel/conf/usr//lib: Internal user libraries.devel/conf/usr//libraries: External user libraries.devel/conf/usr//lookup_def: User manual lookup profiles.devel/conf/usr//menu: User menu themes.devel/conf/usr//schema: Themes of user projects.devel/conf/usr//schemas: Old graphics, HTML Editors and User menu icons.schemas/charts: Old user graphics themes.schemas/editor_html: User HTML editor profiles.schemas/menu: User menu icon themes.devel/conf/usr//snippets: User snippet profiles.devel/conf/usr//tpl: HTML templates of the user.tpl/header: HTML user header templates.tpl/footer: HTML user footer templates.tpl/free: HTML templates of free user formats.devel/conf/usr//securitymodule: User security module profiles.

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