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Today we're pleased to announce that Octane support is now available in Laravel Vapor. The speed improvements are just mind-blowing, so put on your seat belt and let's get into the details.

First, ensure you are using latest version of Laravel, Vapor Core, and Vapor CLI: Next, install Octane in your Vapor project. Octane may be installed via the Composer package manager: After installing Octane, you may execute the octane:install Artisan command, which will install Octane's configuration file into your application: Next, if you haven't tried Octane before in your application, you may want to test it locally.

Finally, you may instruct Vapor to use Octane by setting the octane configuration option within your application's vapor.yml file: In addition, if your project uses a database, you may use the octane-database-session-persist and octane-database-session-ttl options to instruct Octane that database connections should be reused between requests: We recommended that you specify an octane-database-session-ttl value; otherwise, the Lambda container will stay connected to your database until the Lambda container gets destroyed.

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