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Gitting Things Done

After our last post-corona-meetup we all plummeted into the holiday season. We hope you were able to enjoy a nice and restful holiday and that you returned with 'charged batteries'!

While you where enjoying the sunny days off, we were working to make sure we could offer you another interesting lecture. We managed with that... :)

This time we'll welcome back a friend of our meetup and well-known PHP community member! Also...we will be hosted on a new location in the center of Eindhoven.
Food (pizza) and drinks will be provided by our host as you are used to.


**The lecture:**
Git is the modern-day version management system of choice. We all know how to commit, push, pull and merge. But what about (interactive) rebasing, fixing up commits, cherry picking lines and bisecting the history?
And what are those atomic commits you keep hearing people talk about and why would they be of any use to you?

Come and learn how to get the most out of the tooling you already use every day, find ways to make life easier on the people who review your code and leave knowing how to create a clean commit history which is a joy to peruse.


**About Juliette Reinders Folmer:**
Juliette Reinders Folmer is an opinionated, passionate busy-body with a prolific portfolio of contributions to various high profile open source projects over the years. She is co-author of [PHPCompatibility](, initiator of [PHPUnit Polyfills]( and created the [PHP Cheatsheets]( Juliette regularly speaks at conferences and is always happy to discuss how we can all contribute to changing both the dev-culture as well as our code, to be *better*.
Juliette is [self-employed]( and based in the Netherlands.


**About the location:**
We'll visit a new location! The meetup is hosted at [IB ](*[the data company](*, located in the heart of Eindhoven. We will be offered food (pizza) and drinks. Everybody is encouraged to attend about an hour prior to the lectures, so we can have a chat while enjoying our food.

IB is located at an inspiring location adjacent the railway. The building where IB is located lays between the railway and the Fuutlaan, crossed opposite the Effenaar. Free parking spots are available around the building on the premises.
To reach the building, enter the gate halfway the Fuutlaan, opposite house number 23. In case the gate is closed, please ring IB using the correct button.


**About the meetup:**
• attending the meetup is free (as in free beer);
• free food (pizza, vegetarian as well) and free drinks;
• food is available between 18:00 and 19:00;
• prize raffle (JetBrains license) every meetup;
• the lecture will start at 19:00;
• spoken language is English unless not necessary;
• the presentation is in English;
• suitable for novice to expert level;
• held at IB *the data company*;
• free parking spaces are right around the building (on the site, behind the gate).

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