After 6 years Sam is stepping down as an organiser of the Meetup - later this year he'll be heading overseas.

So come along to say thank you, celebrate, wish him well, and perhaps catch a few of the presentations he's given over the years that you may have missed (or want to see again!)

* Mitigating against web vulnerability scanners
* Using MITM proxy to rig the Apple Game Centre high scores through replay attacks
* iOS push notifications utilising a PHP backend
* Cat Hacking with RFID
* Randomness matters: why do we have to keep talking about mt_rand?

We'll have a range of drinks and snacks available at the event, and after the presentations we'll be moving to Fork and Brewer ( where we'll put on some more food!

Food & beverages will be sponsored by iwantmyname ( - painless domain management.


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