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Monthly Virtual PHP Meetup

Join us this month for a virtual presentation from Chris Tankersley!

## Moving Toward PHP 8

Legacy code is a fact of life for most developers. As code-bases get older and their technical debt increases, the lure of starting a project from scratch gets brighter and brighter. That way may lay danger! Thankfully the PHP ecosystem has many tools like rector, phpstan, and phpcs for modernizing code, so let's take a look at implementing them with common practices to lift your application up and work toward PHP 8.

## About the speaker

Chris is the Senior PHP Developer Advocate and Server SDK Initiative Lead at Vonage. He has been programming for more than 15 years across various languages and types of projects from client work all the way up to big-data, large scale systems. He lives in Ohio, spending his time with his family and playing video and TTRPG games. You can find him on Twitter at or his website at

## About Nashville PHP

Nashville PHP is a community of PHP and Web developers serving the metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level. Come learn with us!

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